torsdag 13 september 2012

Cat Adventures Pt.1

 Cat escape from the Hat Mountain on top of the helicapter

 Cat landed with the helicapter on the planet catcus

 Cat realizes cat is not alone on the planet catcus...

 Cat meet the mother of cats. 
The mother of all cats tells cat to hurry to the bambi in the head tower!

 Cat took the helicapter to the Bambi but it was the wrong tower. 
"Im the period master deer and this is the tampon tower. You have arrived on the wrong planet. Im sorry but I have no choice but to throw you into the blood bath for a cleansing!"

The cat heard a voice coming from inside of the blood bath. 
"cleanscating, cleanscating, cleanscating". 
But the cat were in a hurry to the bambi in the head tower.
"oh boi ive really gotta get out of here."

 The cat was in a hurry so cat left in a towel with the 
helicapter to the real bambi head tower.

 "look over there helicapter! That must be the real head tower!"

 Cat arrived to the head tower asking "tell me deer are you the bambi in the head tower?"
- Yes Cat! The mother of all cats is very ill and needs a special plant to heal. Take this bag with the peruvian torch seeds and hurry back to save the mother of all cats!

The cat received the seeds in the bag. 
"Oh boi! How are we going to fly with this giant bag?"

 "woooaaooow i sure hope this works helicapter, 
now hurry up to the planet of catcus to save the mother of all cats!"

 "Thank you cat. Im already feeling better!"
-Aah dont mention it! Im happy to help the mother of all cats! Now if you dont mind, ive really have to get home to the top hat factory to help the others with the cat hats.
"of course my child. Here you can use my cat traveler to get there faster. Besides, i think the helicapter is tired from flying with this giant bag"

-Ok, lets go!

 "Hi cats! Is this rave any good?"
-It better be, ive paid a lot of money to get in here to the woods.
"yikes! Byeee..."

"C u L8er babes! Better start werk dat factory!"

 Made by Malabar & Brandylicious

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